Thursday, 10 March 2011

Shrove Tuesday and other stuff

Wow, the days sure are going by quickly here.  Shrove Tuesday in Wiki has come and gone.
Tuesday was actually a rare occasion in the rectory, where there was a constant stream of people -young and old- coming in an out of the building I live in to help prepare or purchase  food for Shrove Tuesday! I helped with some of the food preperation this morning, which was a nice experience. It was nice to hang around with these wonderful women even for just a little bit! In honor of  International Women's day that we just celebrated this week, I feel inspired to pay a tribute to the women of this community!! 

 I could talk about the DOS- essentially, though not exactly women deacon-. They on their own are extraordinary women who lead prayer services and wakes around Wiki. The religious life of this community may not be what it is without them. But even besides the 6 women who perform that role beautifully on the Island (3 of them are the core group. The others I don't see as much), there's a slew of others who are heavily involved in raising money for the parish, organizing prayer groups, translating Biblical texts in the language,  and various other activities. I've befriended a few of these women here, and I can't help but stand in awe at all of them. They, more than anyone else I've met here are a beacon of hope in this community. There's a lot of bad news and sad stories that emerge from Wiki. It would be hard for anyone to have the cahones to continue working for a better community in such an environment..but you wouldn't know by watching these women commit themselves (without even thinking twice) to hundreds of groups and activities and seminars  that work at bettering community life. In my humble opinion, they are the life, not just of the parish, but of the entire Wiki community!

 On a non Shrove Tuesday note: My classes are going very well. I find my grade 8s a challenge to say the least -you would too when only 1/4 of the students actually listen to you!!- but the dozen or so  people who listen to me are very engaging, so I do enjoy them very much!! Besides them, I now pretty much have my hands full with the visits to the nursing home, 5 other classes at the Junior school and the occasional fun projects with the Gym teacher!! I had a challenging week last week, but I think things are looking up. I was deeply moved this week after my 2nd class with the Grade 3s. I knew the students would be off next week, so I wished them all a wonderful vacation and was getting ready to leave...but many of them came to me and gave me great big hugs. It made my day to say the least!!

 Signing off from Wiki!!
 Happy Lenten season to all of you!!


  1. Actually, I think in Wiky that gravity pulls you to the side a lot of the time.

  2. And Adam knows what he's talking about there!!

  3. Thanks for posting: but it's been 11 days. Let's see some more adventures, Broda Dan.